6031 Blundell Road, Richmond, BC V7C 1H6 (604) 274-7424


6031 Blundell Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 274-7424

General Manager: Brandon Juker


How to get here

By Skytrain/ Bus

1)  Take Canada Line Sky Train south to Brighouse Station (No. 3 Road, Richmond BC)

2) Walk southbound on No. 3 Road to Blundell Road (about 10-15min)

3) Catch the “402 -Two Road”  bus (next to Chevron Gas Station) going westbound on Blundell Rd.

4) Get off the bus before of after intersection of Blundell Rd. & No. 2 Road. Pumphouse is located on the corner of No.2 Road and Blundell Rd.

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